European Jewish Association

#NotOnMyWatch Campaign

Brussels, Belgium

27/01/20 0:00 - 27/01/20 0:00

Every year we ask European leaders and heads of communities to take a moment out of their busy day on the 27th of January (the International Holocaust Remembrance Day) to pay respect to those who were murdered and lost their lives during the Holocaust.

By lighting a candle in their memory and using the hashtag #NotOnMyWatch they become a part of large group of leaders that takes a stand to promise this horrors will never happen again.

You are all welcome to join this one of a kind campaign. We should all be united and make sure, each in his own live and position, we do everything we can to prevent history to repeat itself!

All you have to do is post a picture of your candle and use the #NotOnMyWatch hashtag. We will make sure to retweet/repost it.