European Jewish Association

EJA Annual Conference, 6-7 Nov 2018

Brussels, Belgium

06/11/18 0:00 - 07/11/18 0:00

We at the European Jewish Association together with the Israeli ministry for Jerusalem affairs and heritage, ministry of foreign affairs, action and protection, EMIH and the International Christian for Israel are delighted to invite for you to participate at our flagship EJA annual conference in Brussels on 6-7 November, at the European Parliament and in conference facilities.

We meet at a crucial time. With rising anti-Semitism, populism and xenophobia across the continent, with our security under daily threat, with repeated attacks on the way we live and worship, with secularism trying to take precedence and drown out other voices in the fields of human and religious rights, and try to paint us as barbaric and backward, with BDS repeatedly attacking and trying to delegitimatize the only Jewish State in the world in what has become the ‘new’ and latest incarnation of anti-Semitism, well friends, the stakes are high.

That is why we wanted to meet all together at this major conference, in strength and in numbers. We need your voice to be heard in Europe’s political capital, by the key decision makers and opinion formers. We urge you to save the date in your diaries and spread the word. This is our chance to set the agenda at EU and National parliament level, on the issues that matter to us.

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