European Jewish Association

Delegation to Auschwitz

Auschwitz, Poland

20/01/20 0:00 - 21/01/20 0:00

Jews across Europe are watching with deep concern as we see antisemitism on the rise across the continent. The issue is pressing.

One of our sages, Hillel said, “if not now, when?”

We believe that the ongoing fight against antisemitism will define the kind of Europe that we all want to live in today. We are inviting 100 parliamentarians and education Ministers from across the continent for the European Jewish Association’s upcoming delegation to Auschwitz on 20-21 January 2020.

The meetings and gala dinner that will take place address the need for Holocaust education in Europe as a top priority, and a recommitment from all those present to our shared fight against hatred towards Jews.  The programme includes concrete suggestions for education projects that take in not just holocaust remembrance, but the role played by Jews throughout history at national and continental level in ethics, values, science, the arts, medicine to name but a few.