Abbas advisor urges Palestinians ‘’wherever you find an Israeli, cut off his head’’ 29/06/2016 Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Major General Yoav Mordechai, blasted an adviser to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas after his declared that ‘’wherever you find an Israeli, cut off his head.’’ Abu al-Einein, who is also a senior Fatah party official, made the comments in an interview with the Palestinian news site Israel-Turkey reconciliation deal : what are the implications for both countries ? 29/06/2016 By Yossi Lempkowicz, Senior Media Advisor Europe Israel Press Association (EIPA) The formal annoucement of a reconciliation agreement between Israel and Turkey will see the two countries renew official diplomatic ties and exchange ambassadors next month. The agreement, which had been hinted at by diplomats for weeks following ongoing talks, ends a six-year feud between EJA Director heralds prospect of ‘better future for all Jewish people in Europe’ as European Commission announces special envoy on anti-Semitism 01/10/2015 Following the announcement by First Vice-President Timmermans in response to an EJA appeal to act signed by more than 30 MEPs, Rabbi Margolin thanks ‘real leader that not only speaks but takes action’ EJA Director Rabbi Margolin calls on Jewish community to heed calls for humanitarian aid in migrant crisis on visit to Syrian refugee camp 07/09/2015 “European Jewry well remembers having to flee their homes empty-handed in our recent history. We must use those experiences and all possible tools at our disposal to help these migrants to build their own futures,” added Rabbi Margolin European Parliament briefing on the Antisemitism of Hamas 30/06/2015 The rate of Germans concerned about Anti-Muslim bigotry is double the rate of Germans concerned about Anti-Semitism 24/06/2015 Belgian insurance company refuses to insure Jewish Kindergarten 02/04/2015 Copenhagen Ring of Peace organizer received EJA peace prize 24/03/2015 An important statement re Mr. Schuster′s Statement 27/02/2015 European Rabbis train in first aid and self-defence at Prague conference to aid communities in case of terror attacks 24/02/2015 "European leaders need to support us in fighting the battle on terror in our homeland" 15/02/2015 "The rise of Anti-Semitism in Europe is a systematic failure of the European society" 03/02/2015 Obama Administration supports Europe′s Jewry struggle against Anti-Semitism 02/02/2015 Millions Across Europe Mark International Holocaust Memorial Day 27/01/2015 Swedish City prevents Jews from home schooling their children 26/01/2015 On Thursday: meeting to discuss the situation of the Jewish communities of Europe 24/01/2015 “If there’s no future for Jews in Europe, there’s no future for Europe” 21/01/2015 EJA never called every Jew to carry a gun 17/01/2015 Flemish Minister revises his call for ban on ritual slaughter in Belgium 24/12/2014 Foto: FRBE "Anti-Semitism across Europe is rising and needs to be fought against" 18/12/2014 “Foolish decision” to remove EU terrorist designation from Palestinian Hamas group 17/12/2014 Photo: ALAMY Polish Constitutional Court overturns Parliament ban on kosher slaughter in the country 10/12/2014 EJA protests against Flemish Minister’s calls for ritual slaughter ban in Belgium 29/09/2014 Rabbi Margolin slams assault on Jewish ritual practice as “key tool for anti-Semites”


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